The life of a Barista

Week one- 1st free write

The life of a barista is a heavily caffeinated one. I’ve been a barista for about four or five months now and the entire time I’ve been wide awake with the constant smell of coffee embedded into my clothes and hair. I almost always have coffee beans in my pocket, due to the fact that I have to fill small metal tins with large bags of coffee beans that look like the are ripped open by a machete. You can never manage to fill a tin without dropping at least one coffee bean on the ground. If I do find that I have managed without spilling any, then I do a small victory dance to the disco funk music that is always playing on the radio. Other than filling tins and showing everyone my positively groovy dance moves, I have many important responsibilities. For instance, there is a large chalk bored where we are asked to write the hours we worked and any inventory we are running low on. Each week I draw a new and fun picture obtaining to coffee and my love for matcha. Although this seems like I’m slaking off, it does brighten the faces of the other baristas and if you haven’t brightened at least one persons day as a barista then you are slacking off anyway. Let’s not forget that my biggest job is making caffeinated, and delicious drinks for people who look half asleep and grumpy. Every weekend I politely greet each customer with “Good morning!” Or “Good afternoon!” Despite the fact that I myself and probably half asleep and wishing I was on the other side of the counter. I then Stand there while they take ten minutes to decide on a drink order and I assure them they can take their time. If by chance I manage to get their drink order right the first time I then again do another small victory dance, then tie up my day by mopping salt stains off the floor while children run across it.
I have a glamorous coffee scented life and without it, I wouldn’t be able to pay for college so I’m very thankful for each mumbling customer and screaming kid that walks through the door.


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