My favorite places
Week 2-free write
I’ve never been a fan of huge crowds and loud noises. They even might make me a little nervous sometimes. Which is why I prefer a small group of friends and place with a clam setting. One of my favorite places to go is a large grassy hill near my house. Unfortunately right now it’s covered in snow and is most of the year, but I think the fact that it isn’t accessible all the time makes it that more valuable. If the day is sunny and I have some time to kill then I’ll lay on the hill and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a very relaxing to soak up the sun and hear the wind blow through the trees, it’s simplistic. Plus I hear that fresh air is good to have once in a while. The only downside is that I always have to put on sun screen or else I burn but otherwise it’s a pleasant experience. Another place I enjoy going to is a vegan bakery called Wildflower. My mother and sister introduced to the bakery a few years ago and I’ve probably been there more than they have at this point. It has huge windows that let the sun in and the walls are washed out shades of green and yellow that are bright enough to be interpreted as happy but not so bright that it hurts your eyes, which seems important to me because I’ve been to restaurants where the wall color have me a headache. You can also lightly hear Rock in the background. It’s a really good atmosphere to hang out and have coffee or eat deserts. I’ve probably tried every desert in that place from peanut butter brownies to raw cheesecake, and it’s all delicious. I’m happy to have these places to go so that I can relax and clear my head if needed. You can get away for a little while and then start fresh. Personally I think everyone should have a place to get away and not have to entertain anyone else or have to worry about responsibilities, even if it is only for a few minutes.


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